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The online world can be a daunting place for an organisation.  Especially one with good intentions but poor implementation. When it comes to engaging with clients and consumers in a fast-paced, highly connected world, building your brand’s reputation takes more than just being on Facebook. Flint Catalyst is a holistic solution to this digital calamity that grows online brands through the guided use of digital strategy, tools and implementation. It’s the little big nudge you’ll need to identify your problems, explore your solutions and define the best digital strategy for your brand. If your current strategies are just not doing it for you, Flint Catalyst will offer solutions that do.



Digital Marketing is not just a ‘nice to have’ add-on to your business marketing strategy. It is a language, solution, service and, yes we’re going to say it, a science. But don’t worry, we do the digital equations for you. So while we figure out how to surpass the industry’s standard ‘best-practice’ methods, you can practice gloating about your new shiny brand presence.


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