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Work hard, play hard.  It’s a tired ol’ cliche but one that we strive for regardless.  Being a part of the Flint vessel is about so much more than just UI kits, Digital Strats and Igniting brands online. It’s about Flint Fridays, board games, pizza indulgence and slurping caffeine while we pretend to be seasoned coffee aficionados.  Our corporate culture is one that promotes fun as well as hard work. We take work seriously but we believe in having fun along the way.

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Flint Studio Website 16 February 2016

Websites are ever evolving; technologies change, trends evolve, and you have to keep things fresh if you want to stay ahead.  That’s why we decided now is as good a […]

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Sunday, 24 September 2017 was Heritage Day and we’re still in celebratory spirits. Flint Studio boasts a team of various cultures which makes our space quite vibrant and a thrill […]

Studio Revamp! 3 July 2015

Midyear slumps? What are those? In fact there hasn’t been a better time of year for expansion. With an addition of 4 new bright sparks, the team was as you […]

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Flint developers: an inside look 12 September 2016

The Day of the Programmer dun dun dunnnn  *insert epic music intro here* (Yeah, we know, what?) which is celebrated on the 256th (hexadecimal 100th, or the 28th) day of […]

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