5 Reasons Why You Should "Do" Digital Marketing

2 Sep 2015 | by flint

5 Reasons Why You Should “Do” Digital Marketing

Remember those days, when marketing campaigns meant TV, radio and print ads? Well – it’s time to rethink traditional marketing methods. Those days are long gone. They may contain elements that will accommodate your marketing plan but marketing is now so much more. You would have noticed that media has and is absorbing the age of digital like a massive sponge. More often than not, there is an increasing decline in print (which may not necessarily be a bad thing from an environmental stance) and the digital boom continues to propel with immense intensity.


Progression is often a symptom of change, and to get ahead, you need to be open to explore these avenues. The digital advent brings about a world of endless possibilities. Media that is stored in a digital format refers to digital media (websites, social media, E-books, digital magazines, etc).


It’s Flexible

One of the biggest factors that add to the popularity of digital, is the immense flexibility that it renders. If you make an error in print and the item has already been distributed, you are doomed. However, in most cases with regards to digital, an error can be rectified.


Fast Paced

Digital is fast, and it can increase your reach. It can be accessed across a multitude of platforms, and at virtually any given time. There are also paid/sponsored strategies that can increase your reach, which can engage your market on a superlative level when executed correctly. A print piece will undergo a lengthy process from rollout to delivery. Digital content on the other hand can be published in moments.


Unlimited Functionality

In terms of aesthetic appeal and functionality, digital content is light years ahead of its counterparts. There are add-ons that can heighten the user experience tenfold which leaves a world of endless possibility for marketing campaigns and increasing brand visibility. Viewing digital content is richly enhanced by including sound effects, interactive features, social media feeds, embedded forms and so on. The boring static nature of print cannot stack up to digital in this regard.


Measurable Insights

Going the digital route also enables you to attain invaluable insight into your product. By asking questions on social media and blogs or utilising online polls and surveys, you are able to gauge your audience’s feelings or thoughts on a relevant subject. In this regard you can see what you are doing right and where you are falling short. The use of analytics tools or social listening tools also gives you the ability to gauge the degree of interest in an area so you can rollout your strategy in accordance or make the necessary adjustments.



Digital will give you the freedom to engage your audience in a manner like never before. Posting a video is often more descriptive than reading an article. Digital is enabling you to utilise more senses when you interact with it to further enunciate a message. Entice, attract and convert audiences in an accelerated manner with digital.


The wield of digital is in a constant state of evolution, and there are so many online tactics that will suit your product or goal, regardless of its nature. Some may argue that the big idea is the most important element of a successful campaign, however – digital can make the big idea so much bigger!


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