Digital Advertising: Not a LED billboard

3 Feb 2015 | by flint

Digital Advertising: Not a LED billboard

Let’s talk digital, but more specifically – digital advertising. With most, the term ‘digital advertising’ doesn’t really resonate as ‘internet advertising’. Many pop up their onroad LED billboards and sell this idea to you as “Digital Advertising” while you pay good money and tick off digital advertising in your marketing plan for the year.


What is Digital Advertising then? Digital advertising is also known as Internet Advertising. Digital advertising utilises the capabilities and tools offered by the World Wide Web to promote, sell and communicate with your target audience and potentially widen your consumer base. With so many options online, in terms of advertising, it is a good option to add to your marketing plan. Showcasing new products/services, promotional material or just getting the message of your charity or NGO out there can be simply done in one space.


What are the tools the internet offers for your marketing plan? Each product or service has a unique selling point, this helps determine what the best options for the market and your brand reputation online are. The tools available are broad, and can each be targeted and fine-tuned to utilise its capabilities to help achieve your bottom line – ROI. So what are these tools you might ask:


  • SEO
  • PPC/Adwords
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Social Media platforms
  • Email Marketing
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Display Advertising


In our current market atmosphere, social platforms and search engines develop new ways for you to get your brand out there and seen, every day. With developments from Google, who knows where it might end up one day?Their target is to help you sell and make it more relevant for the consumer. Be wise and “digitise” your brand – and remember, if they pitch an LED billboard to you as “Digital Advertising”, help them along. For the real deal on Digital Advertising and more on how you can get your brand to shine online get an agency who can help you make things happen.


Check back next week for more insights into the world of Digital Advertising and how to use it to your brands advantage.

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