Ignite your Content Marketing Strategy

18 May 2015 | by flint

Ignite your Content Marketing Strategy

You may be asking yourself, “but why do I need a content strategy at all?” Well the fact of the matter is that with the age of the digital world, consumer behaviour has evolved and consumers have become good at filtering large amounts of info which they are bombarded with daily. You need to be noticed amongst the informational traffic that your potential customers are receiving.   That is why you need content marketing!


The “Don’t sell” strategy

Gone are the days of marketing strategies whereby you simply list a bunch of features, promote limited offers and use product pitches at every single opportunity. Customers have developed critical thinking skills and don’t fall for marketing spins that easily anymore.  It’s important to make it less about you and more about the customer.


The “Do talk to your customers” strategy

Do create personas! By doing this you are not only getting to know your customer better but also you are placing yourself in their shoes. Think out the box and think like the end user and not like a business. Don’t talk too much about yourself, be informative and educational.


The “Don’t make it hard for customers to share your content” strategy

Sites that don’t allow or block shares of information or pictures actually sabotage content marketing efforts. With the way social media is dominating the online world, having your content shared is a good way to reach people faster.  DO – make it easy for people to share your content.


The “Do add outside information” strategy

Use of testimonials, news, press coverage or any other media that boasts your branding is highly encouraged. Use these to talk about your products and your business. This is your opportunity to show case yourself and still avoid the number 1 “Don’t” – don’t sell. We encourage subtle selling and this is the perfect way to show your companies’ professionalism.


The “Don’t overlook call to actions” strategy

Call to actions, prompt the user to the next step in the user journey! This does mean have a “Call me now” action on every single piece of content posted. This means mapping out a unique user journey based on your objectives. Ask yourself what else would your customer be interested after having read this piece of content, perhaps a call to action directing to another article that provides other information, filling out a form or a “Call me back now” depending on where the user is in the user journey.


The “Do align to your marketing objectives” strategy

Do craft copy that aligns with your business objectives. You may be asking yourself but how? There are a few steps in making sure that everything is synchronized. Work on your getting to know your audience and make your audience aware of your brand. Nurture leads by helping them through the buying cycle. Most importantly connect with your target audience the way you want. Here’s a nice formula that helps get your business objectives aligned with your content marketing strategy.


Your customers needs + your business needs = Market Fit


Good content marketing doesn’t happen overnight and is an ongoing commitment. Concentrate on eliminating the “Don’ts” and doing more of the “Do’s” and watch how quality content starts to work in your favour!

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