Studio Revamp!

3 Jul 2015 | by flint

Studio Revamp!

Midyear slumps? What are those? In fact there hasn’t been a better time of year for expansion. With an addition of 4 new bright sparks, the team was as you would expect, excited to relocate to bigger and better. Our big move has only meant the start of new beginnings, improving collaboration, boosting of staff morale and enhancing Flint Studio’s brand perception! Its human nature for people to fear change, but when you work in the ever-changing digital age change might as well be your middle name. We strive in the upheaval!




The digital revolution is the change from analog, mechanical and electronic technology to digital. In what seems like a blink of an eye, the world changed and so did we. That is why becoming complacent in the digital age is out of the question.  In less than a decade we’ve seen some amazing revolutions in how we communicate and how brands communicate to consumers. We’ve seen a smart phone invasion which has combusted into an inventive, contagious and virtual reality driven era. A time when being social means being online and a time when we pick up our phones at any spare minute we get.


Digital changed the world

All this in a decade! Just 10 years ago Facebook was merely a university network and twitter only launched in 2006. The rate at which technology is advancing and changing the world is without a doubt leaving people overwhelmed.  Inundated with technology and information, concepts such as TMI (Too much information) are becoming outdated – there’s no such thing as too much information, this is the information era!


With all this transformation, the way we market has also changed and continues to do so. As marketers our job is to make change. To connect people, to encourage interactions, to leave people better than we found them and more equipped to be able to get to where they would like to go.


The Flint Revolution

The team spent a fruitful 3 years in our little Morningside Close hub. During this time the inevitable happened. We evolved! We grew from a team of web developer and SEM geeks to Digital Marketing Obi Kenobi’s. We’ve grown an entire animation department with some pretty kickass motion work under our belt, we have also expanded in all aspects of digital including – Our new favorite – Inbound Marketing!


With focus on strategy and planning going forward, we are excited for what’s to come! All this hard work has also sparked a new flame – play hard! We’ve recently become a bit boastful – if we do say so ourselves! Celebrating our successes and our teams’ achievements has become our favorite pastime.




Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. We’ve learnt that there is I in TEAM – individual commitment to a group all striving towards a common goal. We’re super stoked about how far we’ve come and how much further we will go. We’re excited for new beginnings, new inspirations to mold together new ideas and making our marks in the era of change. Stay tuned to see more of our studio revamp.

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