Why Company Values Matter

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29 January 2018 | by flint

Why Company Values Matter


Also known as core values, company values are just a start to determining the direction which your office culture is going to take. In this article we delve into why setting up company values is a catalyst for positive change. Company values are vital for supporting your vision, outlining your company culture and showcasing what your company believes in.  

Company Values Shape Company Culture

Company culture is directly driven by the values the company puts in place. Your employees have a common practise and belief with which they identify when going about their work. Culture is not always tangible but can be seen through behaviour, generally, employees respect it and use it as a measure to bring about desired change within an organisation.

They Set You Apart from the Crowd

Your company values help you determine what makes you different from other companies within your industry. Once the core values are clear, this should be easy to implement. It is vital, if possible, to assess what the competition is doing and determine how you will outdo them or stand out.

Influence Employee Behaviour

You may in be in a meeting brainstorming ideas for your next pitch when one of your employees chips in to say ‘but wait…that’s not in line with our core values’ or ‘we wouldn’t say it like that’. This is a clear indication that you have a sense of direction and clear tone or way of communicating with and to your potential clients. Company values are the basis to which your employees represent you when engaging with their work, family, friends, current and potential clients. Once your employees represent you in this way, it will filter onto your clients as well, they will know what your identity is through your employees’ behaviour.

Company Values Inspire Action


With the right company values, setup and implemented in the right way, delivering quality work becomes effortless. Company values need to be placed front and foremost in your employees’ minds. When this happens, employees know that you care and that they’re valued. Ideas, which then lead to action, that elevate your company’s reputation, are likely to flow freely from them and the execution of work will possibly be meticulous than not.

Elements of Good Company Values

While it may be hard to create company values for some, it may take just one sitting for others companies. We cover a few simple elements to consider when coming up with your company values. Your company values must be:

  • Connected to your company objectives
  • Memorable
  • Short and sweet
  • Easy to describe
  • Actionable: Part of your daily culture
  • Unique
  • Something your company believes in
  • Updated to keep up with your industry growth/trends

These elements are a recipe a winning company values, bearing in mind that they can be expanded upon to suit your objectives.

Flint Studio Company Values – What Worked for Us

You may want to follow a tried and tested formula or have a look at what worked for other companies similar to yours. If you’re not certain of the direction to take, you may need the services of a culture coach who will guide your decision-making process. What worked for Flint Studio? We used the services of a culture coach. We started with a session with the culture coach and the rest of the team. From there, our co-founders continued to brainstorm the vision and purpose of the business with the coach’s guidance. The culture coach helped our co-founders to develop each value including identifying how it can be implemented on a daily basis. In turn, we created posters that now grace our office walls to ensure these values stay in sight and in mind.


Company values are good for business. You want your workforce to be your best advocates, in and outside the office. So, if you have not constructed them yet or feel that you existing ones are not working, consider sitting down with your team to facilitate this. Chances are, they need updating. Reaping the rewards of a great company value system is not something that happens overnight, personalising and making these suggestions into daily practice may mean more productive staff that want to stay for the long haul.

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