How Digital Reinvention Can Help Your Marketing Strategy

31 July 2018 | by flint

How Digital Reinvention Can Help Your Marketing Strategy

It matters not what the reinvention is for, a client or for your brand, but, at some point, it is relooking the way you conduct your business that is essential. This is because even your favourite customer would appreciate some love with a little change or upgrade. So when and how do you know it’s time? Also, where do you even begin? We aim to answer those questions and then some.  

Ask The Right Questions

  • Take a look at what made you successful and keep that as your foundation before you start making changes.
  • Assess where your market is at, at the present moment and research where it is going in the near future.
  • Have a look at your target audience and assess their pain points
  • What drives your target audience and what you want to achieve.
  • Ask yourself how you can reinterpret your product or service for your clients in a way that does not take away from its essence?
  • Check that you’re not just following a trend to the detriment of your product or service, don’t be fooled by fads!
  • Take a look at a business you admire or that you think is doing something right and see how the same or similar principles can be applied to yours.
  • Once you’ve asked yourself or your team these questions, answering them might be a challenge.

We propose you ponder the following;

Reinvention Need Not Be A Reaction to Circumstance

Do not wait for disruption to happen before you do something about your successful offering. You need to stay on your toes and keep asking and answering the former questions and then doing something about it, reinventing. Keep potential disruptors going back to their drawing board.

How to Get Started

Okay, so we’ve figured out that successful brands of any size should reinvent their image, service or product intermittently. Give particular focus to your marketing strategy and at the heart of it is content marketing, user experience design and a good dose of marketing technology. Assimilating the latest technologies into your strategy will make your efforts more effective and make things much simpler.

Content Marketing: This allows you to research your industry (potentially more than you would) and then position yourself as a thought leader within that space. Your customer gets more than just the value of your service or product, they begin to trust you more. Content marketing does wonders for brand awareness, credibility, and lasting customer relationships. A place to get started is defining your brand’s voice and tone and then create a guide to work off off.



User Experience Design: When your site is hard to navigate, you’re guaranteed to lose a sale or two…or even more than that. When your design is user-focused on the other hand, the possibilities are immense. Granular customer research is required and this can be solved by potential customer personas and user journeys. One of the quickest ways to help you understand your customer journey is the use of heat maps like Hotjar. A tool like this will help you see how your users are interacting with your website, from here you can devise a plan of action.



Marketing Technology (Martech): There are constant changes in digital marketing and it is vital that you stay updated. Your marketing team needs to have the ability to integrate new technology into your existing strategy. They need to stay abreast of technology trends and assess which ones work for your audience, meaning there’ll be a lot of testing.


Market-Focused Digital Reinvention  

The benefits of market-focused digital reinvention mean catering to the needs of the ever-evolving customer journey. Analytics and data will help you in understanding what makes your customer tick. The Flint Studio team recently helped one of South Africa’s leading healthy food suppliers, Nature’s Choice with content marketing as well as the development of their new website. Get in touch and learn how we can create sparks for your brand.

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