5 Digital Marketing Blogs To Follow Now

10 Sep 2015 | by flint

5 Digital Marketing Blogs To Follow Now

Staying on top of digital marketing trends can be time consuming, especially if you need to sift through the billions of resources available online. Now we’re not saying some sources may be more credible than others. But finding the right blogs to follow is time consuming. We’ve put together a list that is going to make your life a whole lot easier. Lets filter through the noise.


Here are our favourite blogs to follow:


Bizcommunity: Bizcommunity brings you an extensive range of industry news delivered to you. Well known as South Africa’s go-to site to find out what’s trending in advertising, marketing, media, retail and related sectors. Targeted specifically for a professional audience. You can even become a contributor; list your company for FREE or list an open vacancy or look for advertised positions. With a scope of contributing South Africa agencies and influencers you are bound to be kept in loop of whats hot in the industry.


Memeburn: We absolutely love this goodie. Memeburn focuses mainly on everything digital within the emerging markets sphere. Covering both international and local trends, Memeburn brings you the latest in everything digital. Ranging from what brands have been up to on social media to interviews with some big name entrepreneurs. Tech trends and viral marketing is what it’s all about! Check it out!


Moz: Local is not the only thing that’s lekker! This one’s great for everything search engine optimization and inbound marketing related. Here you will find heaps of how to’s and step by step tutorials on SEO and tips and tricks to improve websites. Starting from beginner SEO tips to advanced SEO strategies. Anything SEO, Moz has it! Moz is also a great platform to keep up with industry trends and SEO updates and boasts 4 blogs including YouMoz which the community contributes towards, and Rand’s Blog, the Wizard of Moz’s own blog. Dev Blog is for the techy’s, written by members of the Moz engineering team covering a range of topics around software. It doesn’t end there, we all know how SEO forms a part of inbound marketing strategies, which ultimately all work together to attract, convert, close and delight. Moz offers lots of insightful information on all things inbound including content, social media and analytics just to name a few. Don’t miss a thing!


Occam’s Razor: A recent favorite. If number crunching is your thing, you will be sure to find something on this metric haven! Particularly focused on Google Analytics. Avinash Kaushik, web analytics and digital marketing evangelist and author of Occam’s Razor, shares insights on qualitative analysis, competitive intelligence analysis and all things metric. Avinash is one of the world’s leading experts on Google analytics, so we’d definitely take his advice.


Mashable: How could we leave this one out? If you haven’t already heard of Mashable, you are missing out. Known to inform, inspire and entertain the digital generation. Mashable is a leading global platform, which is redefining storytelling by sharing stories from all over the world. Social media, tech, business, entertainment and more from all over the globe, don’t miss a thing with Mashable.


Follow these blogs to stay up to date with the latest on everything and anything-digital marketing! Alternatively, follow us on our social media platforms here: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. We’re constantly sharing about what we’ve been up to and news within the digital space.

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