5 Reasons Why You Need Social Media For Your Business

27 Jul 2015 | by flint

5 Reasons Why You Need Social Media For Your Business

We’re not going to go into statistics about how many people are online and on social media these days, we imagine you know. Presuming, that you know that social media is good for sharing your content with thousands of people at once, that is not the only thing it’s good for. However, not everyone is convinced. Lets delve into why your business needs social media and what it can do for you.


Social Media allows you to get to know your audience

One of the most important things, about marketing your business is getting to know your audience. Social Media gives businesses the opportunity to access information such as age and gender amongst other demographics. Such insights are able to equip business owners and marketers to cater for their audiences better and in turn get better return on investment.


Target your audience with Social Media

Technology is giving you the opportunity to geo-target your audiences, why are you not taking advantage? Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter allow you to communicate different messages to segmented audiences. You can geo-target audiences based on “location”, “age”, “relationship status”, “interests” and even “education”.


Expand your audience with Social Media

Remember word of mouth? Well, Social Media Marketing is kind of like that, but it happens online. Instead of people asking their friends about their experiences with x, y or z, they are turning to social media. Social media gives everyone a voice, an opportunity to rant, rave and review. You might as well be listening and talking back. By doing this you will expand your audience. You can also attract new customers or clients by being active on social media.


Social Media can increase traffic to your website

So you’ve got yourself a snazzy looking website, but how do you drive traffic to your site? Answer: Social Media! One of the best benefits of social media is that you can use it to direct your social media audiences to your website. What’s even better, is that the more share’s you get on social media, the higher your search engine optimization ranking.


Generate leads with Social Media

What a fun and easy way to generate leads. Social Media paid advertising campaigns allows you to reach a broad spectrum of audiences and generating leads is as simple as creating enticing call to actions which serve as lead generation. If fact, paid advertising on social media kills two birds with one stone. Expanding your audience and generating leads!


Being present and active on Social Media, doesn’t just kill two birds with one stone…it kills many. It doesn’t end there either; these are just 5 benefits that Social Media can have for your business. We haven’t even touched on customer relationship building, distribution of content and having conversations with customers. If your business isn’t already on Social Media, you’re seriously missing out on a world of marketing opportunity.

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