8 Mistakes that will ruin your content marketing strategy

6 Sep 2016 | by flint

8 Mistakes that will ruin your content marketing strategy

We’ve been talking about content marketing quite a lot recently, highlighting the best way to utilise your content marketing to your advantage. By this, we mean acquiring and retaining customers through the creation and sharing of your unique and relevant content.

We’ve been so busy focusing on what you should be doing that we haven’t really gone over what you shouldn’t be doing, content marketing wise.

Luckily, the clever guys and girls over at CJG Digital Marketing have created this handy infographic, which explains the top 8 content marketing mistakes to avoid.




So there you have it, by avoiding these content marketing mistakes and implementing a SMART digital marketing strategy, your company, brand or organisation will be well on its way to success! We can’t wait to see what happens.

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