How to get on the Pinterest bandwagon

17 Apr 2015 | by flint

How to get on the Pinterest bandwagon

Are your prospects on Pinterest? You’ve heard about Pinterest but have no idea whether your business should be on it or not? We’re here to help!


Should I? Shouldn’t I?

Pinterest is for fashion, beauty, gifts, hobbies, design, travel and food. In fact Pinterest is about lifestyle and with a predominantly female demographic, people go on Pinterest to buy or to get inspired about what to buy. If your audience is Pinterest niche (age 25–34, female, middle-class with interests listed above) then you are closing a door on potential buyers and you need Pinterest in your digital strategy. Pinterest is so successful purely because it boasts highly niche content and will continue to grow as long as there is high quality content. If your content is “spammy” and doesn’t fit into the Pinterest niche – Don’t ruin it for everyone else just for the sake of being on every social network, this will kill Pinterest!



So we’ve established if you should be on Pinterest, but you may be asking yourself how? Here’s some nifty Pinterest basic’s we’ve put together to get you started with Pinterest in order to succeed and avoid neglecting your audience.


Create a business account

Pinterest has an option for businesses to join as a business versus as an individual. If you have already attempted to join Pinterest but have accidently signed up as an individual when you were meant to sign up as a business, Pinterest has an option which lets you convert your account to a business account. We suggest linking your Pinterest account with your business twitter account because Pinterest will not log in with your Facebook business page. The next steps are verifying your website as a creditable source and adding a “Pin It” button to your site so that pinning from your blog or site is easy! Now that you are all “pinned up”, get started with a basic Pinterest strategy.


Build a board

Start off by building a keyword list with relevant topics and then subtopics. Expand on these by doing a keyword research using a keyword research tool. Use these ideas for content inspiration related to your products. Build boards based on keywords and keep these as organised as possible. Remember that your boards are there to attract your target market.



Don’t just pin pictures of your product, create your brand’s lifestyle! When starting a brand new board we recommend starting out with around 20 evergreen, rich pins to introduce your brand or business! Thereafter you can start curating content, by identifying strong, rich content which is related to your business and brand that you can start pinning – for example relevant blogs and other content that will fit into your target audiences’ lifestyle. Remember every pin is a representation of your business and your brand, quality wins over quantity (remember Pinterest etiquette, which we spoke about earlier).


Congrats your business is on the Pinterest bandwangon! Get pinning and tell us how Pinterest has helped your business!


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