Social Media Tips For B2B Marketing

24 Feb 2016 | by flint

Social Media Tips For B2B Marketing

A recent survey found  that 92% of B2B marketers use social media as a content marketing tactic to drive sales. In an already competitive market, everybody is gunning for the top spot. New innovative social media marketing tactics keep cropping up so if you aim to stay competitive, you must be prepared to stay on top of your social media marketing game. When marketing to B2B, it is essential to have a firm grasp on its best practices. Here are some great social media tips for B2B marketing…


Invest In A Social Media Video

There appears to be a trend with more and more social media platforms developing or enhancing video functions, e.g. Facebook utilising auto-play and 360 videos. So it is easy to deduce that videos have draw-power. Think of a big idea and incorporate it into a video that bolsters your product or brand’s stature. Videos are a strong method of conjuring lead generation for B2B marketing.


Curate Relevant Content

Find relevant content to curate so that your intended audience has extra reason to frequent your channels. It will help to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field. This will also help to expose your brand to a broader audience which in turn can contribute to expanding your target audience.


Use The Right Social Channels

For B2B marketing, it is crucial that you are utilising the correct platforms. You need to get a good understanding of your audience to articulate their channel consumption behaviour. In order to grasp that, take the necessary steps to understand where your target buyer is, how many channels are worth utilising as well as if your social media channel of choice suit the content that you are delivering to your intended audience.


Showcase Your Business Partners

It will be a great idea to showcase or amplify news of any alliances or partnerships, even if it is a one-time collaboration. Talk about their merits as well as the implication of this alliance. You can also share any interesting news that they may be posting. If your partners have a good portfolio or is well-known, engaging with them on social media is going to give you credibility by association.

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