Top tips for blogging

6 Nov 2015 | by flint

Top tips for blogging

Blogging has become an extremely popular method to convey thoughts, ideas and news on certain topical spaces. It is definitely one of the most efficient mediums to communicate. New blogs aggressively pop up by the drones on a daily basis. Despite the fact that there is such an astronomical number of blogs, very few of them gain the desired traction. Sometimes it is not even a case of an individual being a sub-par writer, it is actually a result of the blogger not following blogging best practices. That said, by following these blogging tips, you can elevate your blogging prowess immensely.


Use The Right Images

We realise that meaty pieces are an emphatic must but, appreciate the fact that content is not only about great copy. It is also about great imagery. In fact, the images that you utilise, combined with the copy must be neatly tied up into a sheen-filled package. Select images that don’t just compliment your article, they must also communicate a visual story. Selecting the right type of image is going to bolster the emotive factor of your content immensely.


Embrace Social Media

It is rather shocking, how many bloggers do not utilise social media. By not promoting their blog pieces on dedicated social channels, they lose out on several crucial opportunities to prompt the reader to engage with the post in one way or the other. Social media can help you enhance your blog’s visibility, significantly.


Drive Traffic With An Email Campaign

Use an email campaign to direct traffic to your blog. Growing your audience is not a simple task and can be extremely time-consuming but a mailer campaign can help you immensely in that regard. A well-articulated mailing list will assist you with generating invaluable exposure for your blog. The great thing about a mailing list is that generally only those who are interested in your offering, are the ones who will stay.


Make Them Care

You need to take cognisance of the fact that you are competing with an infinite number of other bloggers, so what makes you so special, that other people should care about what you have to say? Give people a reason to want to know about what you have to say. Choose your topics wisely and utilise an appropriate writing style.


Be Open To Criticism

Don’t forget a good writer will write for his audience, rather than himself. Don’t be too guarded about your work. Be mature enough to consider feedback on your pieces, regardless of it being good or bad. But also be smart enough to know when a person is giving you constructive criticism and when he or she is just slating you.

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