How To Harness Marketing Technology To Improve Results

10 September 2018 | by flint

How To Harness Marketing Technology To Improve Results

Marketing has become highly dependent on technology and no marketing campaign is complete without its use. Knowledge of this marketing technology is important in order to reap desired results. So, are your marketing efforts not reaping desired results? What technologies (if any) are you applying to your strategy and why? In this MarTech series we will take you through how you can make the most of Marketing Technology without getting overwhelmed by the number of resources available. We will also provide some of our favourite tools to measure and track performance.

In this edition we focus on consumer data; how to collect and store it, and how it can be used to add value to you and then in return back to the customer.

Consumer Data Technology

Collecting data about your customers and then segmenting them means that you can you can target the right audience by crafting or tailoring your marketing to increase your conversion rate. One of the best ways to achieve this is with the use of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.  

Customer Relationship Management Tool

CRM’s help you figure out, what it is about your customer’s behaviour is most vital to your business and how you can deepen that relationship with them. CRM’s help you reach your current and potential customers from anywhere and at any time. You can draw insight such as, what campaigns have worked (or didn’t) in the past, how you can best personalise your interactions with your customers, customer history and their interactions with your business. The information gathered by CRM’s range from purchase, engagement as well as feedback information. You do, however, have to make sure that you stick to the privacy and IT security regulations.

Currently, some of the top CRM’s include Salesforce, HubSpot, Sage but there is a long list, with options that suit all business sizes and budgets, so shop around before you commit. Our team’s choice of sales CRM is Pipedrive.

So, here are things to consider when shopping for a CRM:

  • Security: You may want to make sure that your customers’ information is secure
  • The kind of information you’d like to collect about your customer
  • Usability: Will you need training for you and your staff?
  • Affordability
  • Storage capacity
  • Special features or ability to customise
  • Is it easy to search for the data you need and segment customers?
  • How easily the CRM can be integrated with your existing email and other systems.

TIP: Use free trials to find out which tool is best suited for you.

Audience Retention

Perhaps business is running smooth and you have a solid client base. But, how do you retain that client base even when a ‘new kid on the block’, with bigger and better toys shows up, taking over everything including your loyal customers? There are marketing tools you can make use of to measure what is working and what isn’t.  

A/B Testing

A/B testing, or split-testing,  can help your business by improving engagement with your client. What you put on your digital platforms needs to match their expectations from the moment they click on the CTA to when they leave your site. Rigorous testing helps you find out what works for your audience so that you can constantly improve. We’ve unpacked a few other CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) testing methodologies in this data-driven marketing post.

A/B testing comes in a variety of forms with standalone tools or techniques to apply to your marketing.

  • Landing page tools, such as Unbounce, Optimizely, Hubspot or Google Optimize, give you the ability to create experiments and split traffic across multiple variations of your page for testing. Test a headline, a new image, a different colour button and find out what works best.
  • A/B test your email campaigns with tools such as Everlytic, Constant Contact and Mailchimp. Test email subject lines and content variations to determine a winner.
  • Test your content! From testing your paid campaign ad copy and visuals to testing blog post titles and social media posts, test it all!

Plan, experiment and test everything!

Smart Look

Smart Look helps you gauge customer interaction with your website so you can improve their experience. This app records these user interactions so you can play them back, provides heat maps so you can see what parts of your website are clicked on the most, provides events so you can see from what part of your website your visitors moved to and from and it reports what parts of your website are popular at a certain period.
Another tool that has similar features to Smart Look is Hotjar which is one we love to use!



Image source.

This app helps businesses research how users interact with their website. Validately includes recruitment of test participants, automated reporting, and testing platforms. You can set up test participant criteria for your research and the app will recruit, from a customer list you provide or other recruiting options, and screen, source, schedule, and set up technology and complete your user research. Other perks are the screen sharing function, clip creation, note taking and video sharing, giving you a holistic user research.


We’ve established that the tools mentioned above help you in meeting your customer’s needs more effectively, they help you get one step closer to getting to know them and what they want. The next step is personalising your marketing to speak to their unique needs. You can deliver relevant marketing messages to your customers in a way that resonates with them based on their interaction with your brand. Collecting as much data from your customers like age, location, interests and other data can help you in creating a more targeted message that resonates with that segment at the right stage of the buying cycle. And this is where the CRM we mentioned earlier, or other marketing automation software, can help you keep on top of this.

TIP: Email is the most commonly used channel for personalisation so start improving the data in your email list to leverage segmentation and personalisation opportunities.


So, what tools will you be using on your next winning marketing campaign? Marketing Technology is growing in leaps and bounds so if you are working with a knowledgeable team that stays ahead of the curve then you’re well on your way there. You can easily sift through the stack and find the right tools for optimum results.

Keep an eye out on our blog as we’ll be covering other ways you can bring in Marketing Technology to your strategies. Get in touch with us to arrange a digital marketing workshop for you and your team.

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